Spear's Specialty Shoes

Have you ever wondered where clowns go to shop for clothes? You never find any stores dedicated to clowns in the mall. For over 30 years John Spear has been making unique and beautiful shoes for all types of clowns. He started off by making just a few pairs for his wife's business, but now he has made shoes for sports mascots, the cast of the Broadway production "The Grinch", and for characters in the Universal version of "How the Grinch Stole Christmas".

Spear's shoes come in many different styles and colors to perfectly suit any kind of clown or performer. He also will let you create your own concept for a shoe and recreate it to how you like. These shoes are well crafted and made with love. They will definitely catch your eyes and amaze you.

Check out all of the wonderful shoes and read more about the history of Spear's shoes here!